The Monterey Bay Aquarium

886 Cannery Row, Monterey, California; 831.648.4888
The Monterey Bay Aquarium opened its spectacular doors in 1984 and has been one of the worldwide leaders in aquatic habitats and oceanographic research ever since. In 1996, The Monterey Bay Aquarium nearly doubled its size with the opening of one of the most ambitious aquatic habitat projects ever attempted. The exquisite Outer Bay Galleries showcase the diverse aquatic life of the Monterey Bay in an open sea style exhibit.
When tourists come to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, they are amazed by the wondrous beauty of life in the oceans. Although the Monterey Bay Aquarium sits on 3.3 acres and it¹s galleries encompass well over 200,00 square feet, even they are not able to show all of the richly diverse aquatic lie that inhabit our oceans. With the interior Ocean¹s Edge galleries and the stunning Outer Bay habitat, The Monterey Bay Aquarium is unsurpassed in the oceanographic world.
Some of the most interesting highlights at the Monterey Bay Aquarium include:
The Kelp Forest: A three-story exhibit that present a diver¹s eye view of a seemingly endless field of California Giant Kelp. It is the first and largest living kelp forest exhibit ever created and visitors delight in seeing sharks, eels and a host of other fish weave in and out of the kelp beds. Aquarium divers hand feed the fishes in daily demonstrations, that not only includes a guided narration, but the divers can actually communicate with the visitors!
Sea Otters: The total population of California sea otters, now down in numbers to about 2500 individuals, is found along the central coast from Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz. The Monterey Bay Aquarium exhibit gives visitors an up close and personal look at these playful and curious marine mammals both on the service and below where they forage for food.
The Outer Bay: The open sea is a vast blue world seemingly without boundaries, and the Outer Bay exhibit (encompassing open ocean waters of the temperate Eastern Pacific) gives visitors a sense of its enormity. Visitors look through one of the largest windows on Earth and peer into the curious depths of the open ocean.
The Outer Bay holds a million gallons of seawater, more than all other exhibits combined. Here visitors can see predators swim past, like scalloped hammerhead sharks, Galapagos and soupfin sharks, Schools of tuna including some that are classified as giants, sea turtles, ocean sunfish, California barracuda, pilotfish and dolphinfish. The Outer Bay is also home to the only great white shark on display in the world.

Beside, this is the place that visitor can relax by anyway such as: walking to the beach bank, eating some seafood or playing Magnum 4D at here.
These are merely a few of the highlights visitors can see at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is truly an amazing spectacle with a dedicated mission to preserve our natural oceanic wildlife, to educate the public and help them learn to appreciate our oceans all while displaying the amazing wonders of the deep.

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